Troubleshoot Msncon32.dll error in Outlook

Are you getting Msncon32.dll error while using Outlook application ? Have you not installed not installed outlook connector in your PC ? Are you finding solutions to fix Msncon32.dll error in Outlook ?

One of the most common issues that one might face while using Outlook application is getting Msncon32.dll error. Msncon32.dll file is an important window system file that is required for loading up the “Microsoft Office Outlook connector” plug-in in Windows system and this plugging is essential for allowing different text documents such as Word, Excel and other Office programs to connect with Outlook and use the files and settings which it has. Msncon32.dll file is very important for smooth running of Outlook application but in some instances users may find Msncon32.dll error in Outlook.

Msncon32.dll error is displayed as :

“Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded”.


“The Add-in ‘Outlook Connector Extensions’ (msncon32.dll) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook.”

Causes of Msncon32.dll error are :

  • Outlook connector plug-in is improperly installed in the system.
  • Applications required to run plug-in in corrupted or damaged.
  • Msncon32.dll file is corrupted or missing.
  • Improper Outlook shutdown.
  • Invalid or broken registry entries.
  • Outdated or incompatible drivers installed in the system.
  • Malware intrusion in the system

Msncon32.dll error interrupts normal functioning of Outlook application and restrict users from attaching word or excel file in mails and using other MS Office application. So you need to fix Msncon32.dll error in Outlook for proper working of Outlook application.

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