Resolve Outlook 2013 Sending Reported Error 0x080042108.

You might be facing Outlook Sending Reported Error 0x080042108. When this error message occurs then the application fails to send and receive emails. The inbox doesn’t gets updated with new emails. User also fails to send any emails. The error message also effect the entire PST. User fails to access the other data stored in the personal folder file. It can contacts, calendars, notes, journals, tasks, to do list, etc. This issue can arise in various situations.


Causes behind Outlook error 0x080042108.

Lets see some of the causes behind this error.

  • If the system is not connected with internet.

  • If user have enabled the SSL connection in Outlook email account which the network is not supporting.

  • Anti-virus program is preventing Outlook from accessing internet using the firewall.

  • Inbox having large number of suspicious emails.

  • Outlook email account is not properly configured. Incorrect email id, password or port is provided.

  • Registry of the Windows is modified with incorrect values.

  • Malfunction generated in the MS Office suite.

  • Outlook is not updated properly.

  • System is hit by severe malware infection.

  • Outlook Data File(.pst) is damaged.

Consequences of Outlook error 0x080042108.

Once Outlook sending reported error 0x080042108 starts appearing in the system then user will face lots of issues related to proper functioning of Outlook. First of all user will fail to send or receive emails. Other items of Outlook will also become inaccessible when this error message occurs. Outlook is used for both personal use and professional use. If such malfunctions appears before business users then it can lead to huge loss in the business. User will miss important meetings, appointments, etc.

How to fix Outlook error 0x080042108?

First of all check the internet connection, whether you are connected to internet or not. Once confirmed that it is not the issue related to internet connection then check out the anti-virus program or firewall in the computer. Anti-virus program can restrict Outlook from accessing internet so check out and if found true then modify the settings and allow the application to access the internet. In the case of suspicious emails, user can use web based email of the ISP for removal of such messages from inbox. For removing the malwares from PC, download some standard anti-virus program and clean the system completely. The anti-virus program will also clean the registry for infection.

The problem can also arise due to improper configuration of Internet email in Outlook. Follow the steps mentioned below to configure internet email account automatically in Outlook 2013:

  • Open Outlook 2013.

  • Click on File tab.

  • Goto Info category.

  • Click Account Settings.

  • Click Account Settings in the drop down.

  • Goto Email tab.

  • Click New. Add New Account dialog box should open.

  • In the Auto Account Setup, configure Email Account section.

  • Give your full name in the Your Name box.

  • Give emails id provided by ISP in the Email Address box.

  • Give password provided by ISP in the Password box, Retype the same password.

  • Click Next. It will beginning the automatic account configuration.

  • When the process finishes then click Finish and then click on Close.

For the damaged Outlook Data File (.pst), use inbuilt repair tool ScanPST.exe which is also known as Inbox Repair Tool. This tool comes along with Outlook. It gets installed at the time of MS Office installation. Locate this tool in the MS Office folder under Program File. Follow the steps to repair the file after running this tool.

  • Select the damaged Personal Folder File.

  • Click on Start button.

  • Check on the backup option.

  • Browse the location for backup file.

  • Click on Repair button.

There is also an alternative tool for repairing the damaged Outlook Data File (.pst). It is the third party automatic Outlook PST repair tool. Inbuilt tool has some limitations. These limitations makes this tool unresponsive in certain conditions. In such situation, users can use third party automatic tool which uses highly sophisticated algorithm. It doesn’t have any limitations as like Inbox Repair Tool. If inbuilt tool fails to fix the problem then use automatic tool for restore data from PST file.


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